it will continue to evolve. and always exist. the dollars are with tying the nfl feeder leagues...

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By Brutus on 20:24:54 01/11/17
[In reply to "I think we all can agree that the direction things are headed with money, TV, etc., that is the current college model is" by 8NCs7Heismans, posted at 20:02:06 01/11/17] the universities/states/regions...because that's where the passion is.

Fact is...most college football is pretty awful. And no one is watching the Toledo Browns vs. Peoria Bears. But is there a need for a bridge between college and pro for just basic pro quarterback development alone? I think so. NFL can set that up. They have the money. Put games like crazy on NFL Network and it will do fine enough. But the college game is going nowhere.

: Not's all completely out of control and it's just going to get worse and worse.

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