Sometimes feels like Bama does this just to force Urban's hand, like a distraction

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By Gerd on 07:44:35 02/17/17
[In reply to "Bama and UGA offered Dayton RB Taivon Thomas yesterday. OSU hasn't offered (yet) but he is visiting OSU this weekend..." by Brutus, posted at 04:39:46 02/17/17]

but these are likely offers to come and camp.

: ...maybe the plan was to offer him in person all along but regardless this dude's recruitment is blowing up and OSU's hand may be forced here even if they wanted to wait a bit. 3 crystal ball predictions in for OSU yesterday (2 from OSU reporters) so maybe a sign that offer is coming.

: If they offer Thomas and accept a commit from Clement...with Snead already in the fold...OSU would likely be almost done at RB/H-B soon...would be waiting on Gill.

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