That does now make sense to me in this case...

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By Moonmadness on 09:16:49 02/17/17
[In reply to "Sometimes feels like Bama does this just to force Urban's hand, like a distraction" by Gerd, posted at 07:44:35 02/17/17]

Ohio State will take a number of RB/H-Back types, maybe 3, possibly 4 depending on how the chips fall.

They already have Snead. Gill is likely in as well.

They could take Clement if they wanted.

But I think OSU is looking for one more pure RB. At the top of the list is White. Clemson is the big player here, not OSU. Bama is interested but they are down the list right now. OSU may be as well. What would be the point of distracting OSU? That does not help Bama at all.

I think this is just a case of Bama seeing a kid that they like. So they offer. If down the road Thompson proves he is a stud and Bama RB recruiting misses on their top targets they go get him. Urban does the same. I don't want to call it a plan B but that really what this is. Bama setting up a plan B if plan A does not work out.

Urban does the same thing.

: but these are likely offers to come and camp.

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