OSU is never going to be a defensive basketball team under McGuff. He plays fast and wants to outscore you.

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By Writer on 14:08:00 03/19/17
[In reply to "The Ladies have progressed thru the season - lots of new faces this year but (m)" by sykobuck, posted at 13:57:35 03/19/17]

It's a valid strategy and when you get enough really good players in women's basketball, it can make you elite. Well, Ohio State is right on the cusp of getting into elite status. Melding as many new players as they did this year is fairly remarkable, and they're now playing some of their best basketball. They dominated inside today without the second best player on the team (arguably). Hopefully, she's back next weekend.

: there are definitely more contributors than just Mitchell. As others have noted, defense remains bit of a mystery to them.

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