There are just as many schools in and around Ohio, but they don't seem to have a problem (m)

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By buck e on 09:40:08 03/20/17
[In reply to "college hoops in big there and they want to fill arenas. don't have a problem with it..." by Brutus, posted at 08:20:32 03/20/17]

: ...or the teams from that region/state playing there in rounds 1 and 2 if they are higher seeds. Higher seeds should get some benefits.

: Setting it up so a 7 seed plays rounds 1 and 2 in their own state isn't all that common. not should it be happening at all.

Skipping over Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati for multiple years at a time. And I don't count the play in games in Dayton. Those are worthless imo.

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