It's not fair to expect him to be a star, but looking back at Thad and recruits the last several years, it seems they

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By SN Bucks on 13:48:20 03/20/17
[In reply to "Congrats to pump the brakes a bit on expectations as he'll need a few yrs to develop his post game *" by Ajax, posted at 13:21:12 03/20/17]

all fall into one of two camps:
1. They are immediate stars (Sullinger, Craft, DAR) OR
2. We can't expect them to be more than minor role players and they must be developed over years.

I watched a lot of freshmen playing major roles this weekend that weren't McD AA's. If Thad isn't recruiting the same guys that Duke, UK, etc. are, that's fine, but it sure seems like there are a lot of programs that turn freshmen that aren't necessarily 5* guys into starters and major contributors by March of year one. If we aren't able to do that at least somewhat regularly, that's either on player selection or player development.

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