or Wagner is horridly inconsistent, which his season stats show...

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By punster on 15:23:45 03/20/17
[In reply to "UM's Wagner scores 11/14 for 26. Last 2 games scored only 6 and 7" by JimO, posted at 14:50:49 03/19/17]

: Looks like the UM coach knows how to change tactics to beat the opponent at hand. Wagner looked like a man possessed!

He's also the guy that scored 6 and 7 in his previous games as you noted. Prior to that he scored 17, but in the 2 games before that he scored 6 and 5.

By the way, Wagner scored a whopping 5 points against Ohio State in between games of 10 and 19. Did Belein's genius take a day off there?

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