In the grand scheme of things, the crowd was pro USC because UNC fans were still there to see their team play and...

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By kernersvillebuckeye on 16:43:29 03/20/17
[In reply to "has nothing to do with them and everything about a 7 seed getting home games (essentially)" by Brutus, posted at 16:29:49 03/20/17]

love to cheer against Duke. I was at a first round game years ago when UNC and Duke were playing in Greensboro, no less. Duke played Binghampton and it was a pro Bimghampton crowd mainly due to all the UNC fans waiting for their game.

In the instance of last night, it was tons of UNC fans after their team just defeated Arkansas staying to watch the late game. Just a hunch, but if UNC had lost, their fans would have left, and there would have been just as many, if not more, Duke fans present. Greenville is not that far from many Duke fans.

: Put USCe somewhere else. Not difficult. Not juggling anything around.

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