I wondered about Micah and Hayes at 157 and 149. Couldn't they do that with good weight?

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By TomBuck2 on 20:27:34 03/20/17
[In reply to "Assuming he gets a release, Romero is a sure red-shirt then. Will be interesting to see what happens at 125 and 157" by The Zeldovich Factor, posted at 14:37:31 03/20/17]

: Dream scenario is that they lock NaTo out of the weight room all summer and he goes to 125 and Pletcher takes 133, but that will never happen.

: Alternatively try to get another year of Rodriguez at 125 and bump Hayes and Jordan up and try to get Pletcher to fill in at 141 over the summer.

: Probably most likely is they red-shirt Pletcher, everyone else stays the same and Ryan/Burcher compete for 157

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