Cornell looks bigger than 280, IMO. As for the secondary, do you think a CB gets moved to FS? Fuller being the (O)

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By tGW on 10:54:12 04/19/17
[In reply to "FRONT PAGE: Finalizing Ohio State's Post-Spring Depth Chart on Defense (link) *" by Gerd, posted at 10:25:00 04/19/17]

backup at both S spots makes FS seem thin. Finally, why state that the secondary needs to replace 3 starters? Ward and Arnette rotated enough in '16 to be pseudo-starters. Are you trying to anger Coach Coombs, I'm guessing? I think that's a bad idea...a real bad idea. Great piece as always, btw. Mucho grassiness(I only took beginning Spanish in H.S).

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