Eventually. It doesn't mean they were at the time in question. Why would a coach not play the best player? (m)

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By HilliardJoe on 07:49:51 04/20/17
[In reply to "Sometimes the backup is just as good or better than the starter. Sam Darnold was the backup at USC early last yr*" by Zeke Streak, posted at 18:59:55 04/19/17]

The coaches job is actually on the line, he actually wants to win more than fans do. Why would they not play the best player at each position?

This reminds me of Tressel's first year with Bellisari playing QB. Lots of fans were convinced that Krenzel or McMullen HAD to be better and that Tressel was only playing Bellisari because he was a senior. The bowl game showed that Bellisari was a better QB THAT year.

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