I have watched him for 2+ years. I don't need youtube. He runs. Wow. He can't cover. He can't tackle. (O)

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By tGW on 09:54:32 04/20/17
[In reply to "If you can't watch the guy do this and understand " by Carlos Danger, posted at 09:44:31 04/20/17]

: Come on. Overhyped.. yes. Sick of hearing his name during every game. I was.

: But few players can do the things he can. What is a freak? Him

: https://youtu.be/29YgXwMoT9o

: https://youtu.be/GDm552xBjFY

: https://youtu.be/49el8zQU5Os

He's not physical or instinctive. He's a good punt returner and blitzer vs. Hawaii. Chris Gamble is a freak athlete. JP needs the right system, but he's a freak athlete? K.

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