I see 3 WRs getting the bulk of the catches. Campbell, Hill and McClaurin. (M)

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By Tatum on 10:37:18 04/20/17
[In reply to "Nagging injuries throughout the spring per Smith, same with Victor." by Gerd, posted at 09:43:10 04/20/17]

Baugh and Alexander should do well in this offense too. Weber ,McCall and maybe Dobbins getting some swings, screens with the occasional wheel route.

So they need Victor, Mack, and Dixon to be serviceable and provide depth. Not expecting much from Grimes coming off the knee injury.

When healthy they have both been good Smith said. Maybe having a quiet spring is one way to not be labeled a Bam Childress. I would have liked to see more from him, but I think he's in the six right now. Can he stay there?

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