Agree. WR is somewhat loaded right now at OSU...(m)

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By Ken Pryor on 11:47:00 04/20/17
[In reply to "Personally, I'm giving all of these receivers a pass for last year, because truthfully, I think we (m)" by WolfsBane, posted at 10:35:27 04/20/17]

that is not the position to be dinged up and unable to go all out. One could easily fall way behind.

: ... had more issues than just a lack of talent or experience at the WR position, (in fact our issues seemed to permeate throughout the offense).

: Austin did have his issues last year, again, playing at the physical level required in college football, and it seemed that he was not going hard all the time. Doesn't matter. The slate is wiped clean for 2017. He needs to come in ready to take hold of a spot in the rotation, because if he doesn't, he is going to be left behind. There is a healthy amount of competition at the WR position, and three of those guys are not even in campus yet.

: The time is now.

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