I've wondered since the Oklahoma game last year, why JT didn't throw the ball to NB at least 10xs a game...

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By buckncover on 18:06:50 04/20/17

It was clear after that performance that Brown could make tough catches in small spaces, whatever his "separation". When he went down in camp the season before, we heard how he was the missing offensive piece that season. After the Oklahoma game, he looked to be every bit the key to the passing offense's success. So why didn't the offensive coaches simply decide to make him the man, call the plays to feature him & make teams take him away? What happened? Did the coaches and/or JT not trust NB to go get the ball, was there some other issue? Game after game I'd find myself watching pass plays & saying, "Throw the ball to Brown!". Never seemed to happen with the frequency that the guy's talent deserved or the offense's lack of production required. Bet there's a story there, but I don't know it.

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