Virtually every analysis article you read screams "IT WAS THE COACHING STAFF" last year that was the problem, not JTB.

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By woodog on 09:25:02 04/21/17
[In reply to "Combs has some interesting comments about the receivers in the dispatch today in an article about wilson *" by woodhaze, posted at 11:16:58 04/20/17]

That's my belief, but we'll find out soon enough as the season progresses. I expect a very high-octane O this year with JTB being the catalyst. It's about so much more than just passing, but the passing game has to be at least adequate and I have no doubt that it will be at least that. I just hope that the back-ups get adequate playing time in order to prep for next year (or this year, if needed). The future is bright.

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