I think they both get playing time. I think it is possible no one is publicly named #2, but UFM has to know who he ...

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By WI AREA BUCKEYE on 13:16:28 04/21/17
[In reply to "After reading your predictions, I'm wondering if the staff doesn't name a backup QB and rotates both Burrow and" by R1950, posted at 12:24:14 04/21/17]

calls if JTB has to exit for a short time (equipment) or for a longer time (rest of the game).

On top of that, if he is out for an upcoming game, the #2 may change as they have the week to prepare. It may even be dependent on the opponent.

If JTB twists a knee and is out for 3 weeks, I think they both play initially and then a decision is made based on performance.

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