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By Cornell Buck on 20:23:39 07/09/18
[In reply to "Smartwater......" by Cornell Buck, posted at 20:18:38 07/09/18]

Born in Kettering, (Dad's first job was at Alter). Grew up 25 minutes from Michigan's campus and can't stand anything about the school. Bunch of cake eaters who think they're smarter than everyone else!

My mom was a majorette at Jackson Massilon and my Dad won a state championship at Monroe Catholic Central a while back!

: So my dream as a kid was to play at Ohio State and be a vet! My Dad's from Dayton and my Mom is from Canton. Met at BGSU. Dad was a teacher and coach and we moved behind enemy lines in 1st grade.

: I was fortunate enough to play football at CU and while I did not emerge as a vet I do have a business degree.

: Reside in Cincy and my kids attend Anderson. My youngest is great friend's with Norwells' niece.

: I have a ton of friends who teach and coach. One's son plays in the Padres org out your way in High A ball at Lake Elsinore. The other just deccommited from OSU baseball. Beals hasn't a clue.

: He'll get drafted next year out of HS or will sign with an ACC school--several offers paying him everything.

: As a side note, love HS football although some of the Xs and Os I need to brush up on. I attend games and review game films for some of my buddies.

: If you ever want to connect let me know and appreciate your support of the site. Not to mention supporting Gerd who works his rear end off to give us fans a lot of help.

: Trying to see if I can use some connections to get OSU back in the hunt for 2 of my Belleville High School commits.

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