Bob Brudzinski and Rob Lytle - 1976 1st Team NCAA All Americans - Fremont Ross Little Giants...I was told they were the

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By NorthCoastBuck on 21:05:28 07/09/18
[In reply to "Are there any notable historical HS football recruits from your HS? Who and what HS? What college did they go to?" by OscarSierraUniform, posted at 17:25:59 07/09/18]

First NCAA first teamers from the same high school in the same year. We also had some guy named Woodson. Derek Isaman was a Buckeye also. Man could he hit. Got hit several times in practice by him.

: Westerville South

: Ki-Jana Carter - Penn State
: Andy Katzenmoyer - OSU
: Chris Kirk - OSU
: David Mitchell - OSU
: B J Cunningham - Michigan State
: Branden Joe - OSU
: Marcus Williamson - OSU
: Lance Moore - Toledo
: Jalen Gill - OSU
: Rob Dowdy - West Virginia

: We had a guy in the late 60s/early 70s who played at Kentucky but cannot remember his name. But it was before the split of Westerville High School into North, South and now Central.

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