I remember the beat down at home a week after Iowa. Wisconsin goes to Iowa, PSU and tsun.

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By Buck Martini on 15:44:09 07/10/18
[In reply to "Why? You're memory must be short. We obliterated MSU 48 - 3, but Wisconsin fought us (m)" by GST64, posted at 13:39:50 07/10/18]

Wisconsin also goes to NW and while seemingly no big deal, West Lafayette. Purdue is going to expose the Sconsin D a bit imho.

Iowa has the easiest path (in the West) to Indy. By far. And the West is no joke anymore outside of Champbana.

Sparty won 10 games last year after winning what, 3 the year before? Veteran team, favorable schedule (one tough road game at PSU and host tsun and Ohio State).

I can see why folks are penciling in Sconsin for Indy, but I am a bit more skeptical. And I sure don’t agree Hornibrook a better QB than Lewerke.

: tooth and nail to the very end. Plus, Wisconsin has a better QB. Hornibrook > Luerke (sp).

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