FRONT PAGE: Accost the Field — Tripping Down Ohio State Memory Lane

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By Gerd on 09:58:14 07/11/18

The Rundown

+ The show is on vacation, but the news doesn’t stop.

+ We’ll get to back to the news that we missed when we come back.

+ Just a couple of guys having a good talk.

+ The first game you ever saw at Ohio Stadium.

+ Does the Spring Game count?

+ In some parts of Ohio, the Spring Game is a pretty damn big deal.

+ Tony doesn’t remember the first home game he ever attended, but the internet helped him.

+ Tom’s first Ohio State game took place in New Jersey.

+ Tom’s first game at the Shoe was Ken Hatfield’s last.

+ Everybody loves a sale!

+ We got spoiled to open the 1996 season.

+ David Boston and Michael Wiley changed everything.

+ It wasn’t always like this.

+ Favorite non-Michigan games we saw in Ohio Stadium.

+ Tom loves 2003.

+ We all love Phillip Rivers.

+ The Purdue game in 2012 was a good ‘un.

+ The 1995 Notre Dame was up there too.

+ The ending of the 2011 Wisconsin game rivals anything else.

+ The Penn State game last year was as strange as anything you’ll ever see.

+ The sideline during the 2011 Wisconsin ending was crazy.

+ The game wasn’t over when Devin Smith came down with that ball.

+ Being at eye level with the Penn State comeback last year was special.

+ The Penn State game was craziest mob scene we’ve ever seen.

+ The most painful loss you’ve ever seen in Ohio Stadium.

+ There are two answers and two answers only.

+ Let’s relive the misery of the Michigan State loss in 1998.

+ The Michigan State loss ruined everything.

+ Tom’s great Iowa roadtrip story!

+ Our gameday routines back in the day.

+ Hello B-Dubs!

+ Shoutout to Chittenden!

+ The Walk.

+ Remember VHS tapes?

+ Now we understand why Tony doesn’t have too much of a good memory.

+ Our favorite campus bars that are now gone.

+ We talk some Cluck-U Chicken and their slippery floors.

+ Favorite bars that are still open?

+ All hail the Out-R-Inn.

+ Praise for Mama’s Pasta & Brew. Sneaky good hole in the wall.

+ 80s music was big in the 90s.

+ Places were serving 32 oz. beers for some reason.

+ Tom reminisces about the free wings at City Center because he’s an old.

+ If you have one textbook to return, are you taking it to SBX or Long’s?

+ You know what’s a bunch of bullcrap? The kids nowadays get class notes online from the professors!

+ Sorry Claudette.

+ Your favorite Buckeye football player ever?

+ Antoine Winfield was just really fun to watch.

+ Orlando Pace was the best of ’em all.

+ The Heisman jumped the shark in 1996.

+ Favorite non-star Buckeyes of all time?

+ Tom went with a walk-on cornerback.

+ Tom loves Mark Garcia still.

+ Tony still has feelings for Roedell Dupree.

+ Favorite Michigan game we have ever seen in person.

+ The 2016 game was amazing for so many reasons.

+ Tom was at the 2006 game and his terrible seats didn’t even matter.

+ Teasing next week’s show by talking about our unsuccessful road trips to Michigan as students.

+ What was the full cost of your season tickets as a student?

+ Roll Tide.

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