college football is more entertaining to me. that doesn't make it better. but the different styles...

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By Brutus on 14:03:52 07/11/18
[In reply to "SI writer on why the NFL is better than CFB..." by Gerd, posted at 12:53:03 07/11/18]

...that you can see from game to game on any given Saturday make Saturday > Sunday for me. at least when it's regular season vs regular season. the long layoff for the CF postseason hurts it. so much can change with a 3+ week layoff and all that.

: "For the past six years I have watched almost every NFL game and, aside from a few pre-draft projects, zero college football games. This is partly because covering the NFL is my job, but mostly because I enjoy pro football infinitely more than college. To me, comparing college to pro is like comparing a small town community theatre to Broadway."
: ....

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