Ohio State lost more games from 1987 thru 91 than in any other 5-yr stretch in its history since 1899. Coincidentally (m

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By ScriptOhio (Texas Ex) on 15:22:20 08/09/18
[In reply to "What was the bowl when we lost to Air Force? And lost to Syracuse in Hall of Fame Bowl (Outback)? Those were the days**" by Anotherbuck, posted at 15:06:02 08/09/18]

...I was the only teenager in Kingwood, TX, that lived and died with the Buckeyes and had to put up with taunts everytime Ohio State lost. My God, were there horrors to endure:

* Woody dying
* The basketball team choking away an upset over 1-seed Georgetown in the '87 NCAAs
* The "darkest day" in 1987
* The (rest of the) 1987 football collapse
* The Earle firing
* 4-6-1 in 1988, including losing 42-10 to Pitt (one of my friends at school was, OF ALL THINGS, a Pitt fan) and 41-7 to Indiana
* Losing 42-3 to USC after I spent the entire week hoping against hope OSU would at least lose honorably
* Losing to Michigan and Auburn to close out the '89 season
* Trumpeting to ANYONE who would listen that Beano Cook picked Ohio State to go 12-0 and win the national title in 1990
* Losing to USC at home that year
* Getting robbed by the refs against Illinois at home that year
* Mapping out and trumpeting to ANYONE who would listen (and some who wouldn't) how OSU would bounce back from the Indiana tie that year to go to the Rose Bowl
* The agony, the absolute AGONY, of losing to Michigan that year when EVERYTHING ELSE I PREDICTED for OSU to go to the Rose Bowl happened including Iowa losing to Minnesota
* Ladies and gentlemen, the 1990 Liberty Bowl
* The 1991 basketball team getting run out of the Silverdome by St John's
* 31-3 and Desmond Howard's Heisman
* The pre-Funderburke 1992 team's loss at USC during the regular season, which happened in an overtime that was made possible only by the officials giving Harold Miner three free throws on a 16-ft jump shot (he made only 1 of the first 2, meaning the game should have ended as a one-point OSU victory)
* And lastly, the 1992 Southeast Regional final. My daughter was born 25 years TO THE DAY of that fiasco, and since it was a planned Caesarean, we picked the date as a way of reclaiming it. March 29th is now the BEST day of every year instead of the worst day of my teenaged life.

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