Micahs wedding was the one marred by eli sitckleys death. Close knit for sure. Cousin of the Jordans. His twin

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By Smartwater on 16:01:40 08/09/18
[In reply to "SIAP. Interview with OSU wrestling coach Tom Ryan where he is asked about the current football and wrestling (m)" by 1$’s 2¢, posted at 15:52:45 08/09/18]

Sister is fiancee to alex marinelli. Wrestling is literally and figuratively a family.

: investigations. Go to the 15:10 mark. He can't comment on the investigations, but gives a personal endorsement of Urban and comments on society's rush to conclusions.

: As background for those who don't watch the full interview, TR refers to a wedding at which he saw Congressman Jim Jordan. That was the wedding of OSU wrestler Micah Jordan, Jim's nephew. Tom Ryan was the officiant at that wedding. He was also the officiant at former OSU wrestler and current OSU coach Logan Steiber's wedding and will be for his son former wrestler Jake Ryan's wedding as well. The OSU wrestling community of today seems to be very close knit.

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