If the facts support it, I would like to see a strongly-worded defense of the University and its actions. And a (m)

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By 1$’s 2¢ on 16:01:46 08/09/18
[In reply to "When the statement comes down, it needs to be definitive and bring complete closure. The media is going to lose it, but" by 8NCs7Heismans, posted at 15:19:34 08/09/18]

rigorous defense of Urban if he acted appropriately. I believe that Urban reported what he had heard, even though he probably was not obligated to report it, at least under Title IX. The Title IX department may have concluded that no investigation was appropriate or that one was conducted and found no merit to the allegations. The statement should also defend Urban and Shelley from charges that they somehow should have done more. My understanding is that University policy would have forbidden them from participating in any investigation, in part to avoid even the appearance of interference. Both have been maliciously attacked in the media. If those attacks were unfounded, the statement should hit them head-on. Hard.

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