There are about a million inflection points in Cooper's career at Ohio State (m)

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By ScriptOhio (Texas Ex) on 16:20:20 08/09/18
[In reply to "His 5 consecutive losses to Illinois are really hard to imagine him surviving *" by Luckydog, posted at 15:41:07 08/09/18]

One that I come back to occasionally is the 1992 season opener against Louisville. Louisville had a PAT blocked in the first half and trailed 20-13 before scoring a TD with about 30 seconds left. They went for two and didn't get it, and the Bucks held on to win 20-19.

If Louisville had made its first-half PAT, the score is 20-20 leading into that last conversion, meaning they're kicking an extra point to win the game with 30 seconds left. Percentages being what they are, they probably convert, meaning the Buckeyes go splat in the '92 season opener after getting hammered by Michigan and beaten by Syracuse to close the 1991 season. In other words, OSU would be 0-1 and on a three-game losing streak.

In real life, the Bucks beat Bowling Green 17-6 in a game that was closer than the score indicated and then (relieved of the pressure of playing in front of 90,000 ever-less-patient OSU fans) stomped a heavily favored Syracuse team on the road. If you change that L'ville game to an L, though, who knows what might have happened those next two weeks? Coupled with the real-world losses to Wisconsin and Illinois that followed, you could easily be looking at a 2-3 or even 1-4 start.

That one blocked extra point may have saved the 1992 season from an early tailspin and thus saved Cooper's job.

PS: everyone responsible for the underutilization of JOey Galloway in 1991 and 1992 (pre-injury) should have been shot out of a cannon into the sun anyway.

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