There's only so much you can do when Greg Frey is your best option at QB.

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By BayAreaBuck on 17:14:53 08/09/18
[In reply to "I've never believed that, for two major reasons (m)" by ScriptOhio (Texas Ex), posted at 16:36:41 08/09/18]

Plus, a lot of good players left for the NFL after the '87 season - Spielman, White, Kumerow, etc. The talent was not there in 1988. To wit, Judah Herman was the starting MLB.

I think Earle would have done better then 4-6-1, but not by much.

It took Cooper a LOT longer than anticipated to get OSU back into the top 10, and he found a way to lose a number of games he shouldn't have in the '90s, but the '95-'98 teams were very good.

That being said, Cooper was incredibly fortunate to last as long as he did. I used to call him Rasputin.

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