Earle road down to Florida with her in 2009. He never talked to Courtney, let alone told her not to press charges (M)

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By HINYG8 on 17:42:07 08/09/18
[In reply to "Can someone post what she says. Sorry not by radio *" by Nickbuck, posted at 17:38:16 08/09/18]

Earle's daughter (Zach's mother) spoke with Courtney.

Courtney explained what had occurred. Zach's mom said it sounds like you were both being dumb (paraphrase). Courtney agreed she had a role in it, and didn't press charges. Zach's mom said she did not try and talk her out of charging him.

Earle went to speak with Urban and Zach, never visited Courtney.

The word going around that Earle talked her out of charging Zach is 100% false.

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