This seems like a lot of background noise to me and not entirely relevant to the problem at hand...

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By Moonmadness on 17:47:50 08/09/18
[In reply to "The absolute slam dunk game changer is if Tina Carano goes on record and supports Lynn Bruce’s statements. Otherwise, " by Nashville, posted at 17:39:14 08/09/18]

Perhaps the lawyers on the board or some of you smart posters can enlighten me. This Snook stuff would help Zach Smith but how does it help Urban? the issue seems to me to be for Urban "you were aware of a potential domestic violence situation with a member of your staff and what did you do about it". Whether the domestic violence actually happened or not is irrelevant. Urban doesn't know what was really occuring at the Smith household. And even if Courtney Smith had been crying wolf all this time how can you be sure Zach didn't snap and beat the crap out of her?

How does the Snook revelations change that as far as Urban and OSU are concerned?

: it’s the accused guy’s mother protecting her son, at least that’s what the perception will be.

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