We are really talking about one incident here and how it was handled...

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By Moonmadness on 18:04:30 08/09/18
[In reply to "What does "potential domestic violence situation" mean???" by OSU96, posted at 17:54:06 08/09/18]

that is the one Urban was aware of. Did her report it up the chain as OSU procedures require or did he sit on it?

It does not matter if Courtney was crying wolf to the Powell Police. It does not matter what these two Grandmothers say. How would Urban be expected to know all of that? But when he did become aware of things did he take them serious and report them as required.

It could be one incident or 100. Urban would need to tell Gene about it every time it happened.

So again, all the Snook stuff would help Zach and his case against Courtney, but how does it help Urban? How does it relieve him to do what OSU requires him to do?

It reminds of that guy that put the false alarm for a missile attack out in Hawaii. Crazy screw up. Is it ok because there was not really an attack? OK stupid analogy but maybe it illustrates where I am going??

: Point is, you have 2 sources saying that Zach would never hit her. You have 2 sources saying that she is crazy.

: What is Urban supposed to do about a raving lunatic???

: The cops ignored her. EVERYONE ignored her!!

: We're all culpable then

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