as a student reporter i would routinely go to uf spring practice in osu gear...

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By Brutus on 19:10:43 08/09/18
[In reply to "I liked the thread below about UF Grads posting here. I find this stuff sort of fascinating. I was a fan of tOSU" by Buck Martini, posted at 19:05:42 08/09/18]

...this was before espn weaponized conference hate. Tail end of the spurrier years. He was indifferent to my attire. And young writers in general.

: before degree and after. But Orlando Bob graduated law school there in 81 and then the Gators were getting pert good under Charlie Pell iirc.

: Brutus and nukem graduated later on I assume.

: I just find it interesting. I AM NOT JUDGING.

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