Already are to some extent. Publicity. But those who have spoken up here about crazy wives and their issues..

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By Buck Martini on 22:51:21 08/09/18
[In reply to "There are no winners, one thing is for sure, OSU and Urban do not deserve to be losers *" by Mark, posted at 22:33:04 08/09/18]

is good.

I have been slammed with work (no complaints). But I have been steadfast in defending Urban. So I have missed a bunch.

The posters who shared their stories about mentally ill wives makes this crazy more saine.

I had my own issues with a bipolar woman when I was young. She was/is beautiful, but I thought it was me.

Regardless, I hope for the children. I was there as a child under similar situations sans mental illness. Having to “choose” a true parent is gut wrenching.

And look how great I turned out. 😀.

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