The “rally” is a good example of how media runs and blows up a story...

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By gobux on 23:56:45 08/09/18

McMurphy has a pic of the “rally” as his Twitter background.

Radio/XM mentioned the “rally” as a laughable display of how deep Ohio State will go to protect their guilty coach in an effort to win at all costs.

Yet, it certainly was not organized by The Ohio State University nor students nor alumni association nor alumni nor even fans at large. It was organized by probably a well meaning fan from out of state who wanted to do something to show his support.

The real story is how Ohio State fans and alumni ignored and even scoffed at the idea. An estimated 150-200 attended. Ohio Stadium holds 105,000 fans. Greater Columbus has a population of about a million.

The real story is how the community of Ohio State and Columbus had an opportunity to “rally” in support of their supposed interest yet didn’t.

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