My girlfriend made me go to the ARK adventure last year, and we both enjoyed Cincinnati downtown after.

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By Former Dante Lee fan on 23:16:37 11/07/18
[In reply to "Back from Bball game. Great win. The refurbished arena puts the Schott to shame IMO. Very nice. (m)" by Boredatwork, posted at 22:19:34 11/07/18]

Columbus is making great strides in their downtown, but Cincinnati seemed a lot more fun/scenic.

: They also do a better job, IMO, of keeping the crowd engaged during timeouts than we do at home games. And I know a lot of people here hate piped in music but the songs they used kept the energy going in the crowd at timeouts. I was impressed with the number of OSU fans I was seeing. I figured since it was the first game and they've waited years for this game with us, UC would hoard all of the tickets but there were a decent amount of Buckeyes sprinkled here and there in the crowd.

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