He's good when he's strictly examining the game itself. Sometimes he tries to turn games into his radio show (m)

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By NaptownBuck on 04:53:25 11/08/18
[In reply to "Some do not like Dakich, but he is a homer in a good kind of way for OSU (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 22:58:42 11/07/18]

Nobody cares about his hot takes outside of basketball

: Dan knows his x's and o's as well as any announcer in the business.

: He is a bit quirky at times, but for those who really like the nuances and insides of the game he is one of the very best. Old school as an announcer can be, and definitely was heavily influenced by the General, Bobby Knight.

: Having his son play for OSU has turned him into a not so secret closet fan of OSU and Holtmann in particular. Holtmann is old school in his approach and that endears himself to Dakich, and now the personal connection makes him fun to listen to if you love the Bucks.

: BTW, Dakich is as entertaining and as insightful as any coach speaking to large groups or camps. How he keeps his "f"bombs and foul language in check on the air is a work of art. In person in front of groups he tends to let a foul word come out at least once seemingly in every sentence. Yet on the air he somehow has a 100% filter on and has never slipped once.

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