Hope the staff can develop a little more bench as the year goes on. This team has a high ceiling. I saw some post that

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By Monroe Buckeye on 07:46:57 11/08/18

this team is well coached, and they are, but there is a lot more talent on this team then some are giving them credit for. Luther was a steal, so was Washington. I like that Holtmann can find these guys that know how to play the game with relentless effort, passion, and toughness. Dakich kept saying that shooting wasn't Luther's game, but if you watched his highlight videos, he was a natural scorer in high school. He has a nice shot and can beat the defender off the dribble too. What makes him special is that he LOVES to play defense and is really good at it, but that doesn't mean he isn't also an excellent offensive player too.

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