Pryor has the size and measurable for next level (m)

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By Barrett777 on 12:38:46 11/08/18
[In reply to "Has Pryor been starting because he went to IMG and there are recruiting benefits? *" by so-cal, posted at 12:23:50 11/08/18]

Currently he seems to lack football instincts, and takes very bad angles. More of a long strider.

White does not have the size, and would most likely get smoked in a foot race with Pryor. What he does have is great football instincts, and is simply a player who makes plays. The defensive version of a Demetrius Stanley. Throw out the measurables.

Coaches get caught up the same way fans do. That is looking at players for their "next level" potential, and seem to overlook mistakes made on the field believing they will make it up and grow into their playing roles. Some times it happens, but quite often it does not.

Who cares if White is never a NFL level player? He hits like a ton of bricks for a player his size, and shows overall athleticism and incredible instincts. Pryor might have every advantage over White if measured in a NFL Combine, but right now White is simply the bette and tougher player on the field.

I do not think this has anything to do with IMG at all.

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