Common sense. MSU/OSU winner is 13-1 when rushing for most yards. Mich/OSU is 17 in a row (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:22:45 11/08/18
[In reply to ""There might be some Tate showing up soon." -- Urban Meyer *" by Gerd, posted at 12:38:50 11/08/18]

OSU’s run game would be way more dynamic with Tate. Not even debatable at this stage.

Michigan and MSU will have by far the toughest run defenses, and toughest Red Zone Defenses. Tate provides a lot more options for Red Zone and short yardage situations.

Michigan and MSU deploy Cover 0 a lot, and both vulnerable to a good running QB breaking out of the pocket.

Meanwhile OSU leads the nation in highest percentage of passes less than 10 yards downfield, and one of top teams throwing most Screen passes. Tate can throw those as easy as Dwayne can. The lack of downfield throwing success in recent games is alarming.

There is also a risk of Dwayne possibly getting hurt if he decides to take on tacklers and not slide, so getting Tate some quality PT right now when he can also help the team is very important.

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