I just re-watched the game on mute. No influence from the empty suits. I normally don't complain about...

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By Shark 4 on 14:12:42 11/08/18
[In reply to "Still shaking my head at those refs last night. *" by Gerd, posted at 12:51:55 11/08/18]

...refs in basketball. They are emperors of the court, arrogant turds usually so it's pointless to complain.

And I didn't complain last night but that was a very strangely officiated game. Honestly, it was suspect it was so one-sided. OOB calls. The "technical" that wasn't.

Of course the refs would say they called only 3 more PF on OSU than Cinn. The difference was they called 5 on one UC player and no more than 2 on any other UC player.

OSU had 3 players w/3 PFs and 3 players w/4 PFs. Meaning 6 OSU players had to spend much more time on the bench w/foul trouble than anyone on the UC roster.

In any case, it was strange.

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