The sad irony of the media idiots (Mediots) who have worked so hard to trash Urban's legacy

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By Writer on 20:19:23 12/05/18
[In reply to "Man I'm going to miss Urban Meyer...never thought I would say that... *" by 8NCs7Heismans, posted at 20:12:13 12/05/18]

is that Meyer, himself, saw his coaching flaws and became a great mentor of young men, along with being a great coach, after his experiences in Florida.

His one weakness has been something most of us consider to be a positive character trait -- and that's loyalty. Trying so hard to help people, even his assistant coaches, and not being as mercenary about his staff as he probably should have been.

Overall, he has been a total class act and a huge asset to OSU and Columbus. I'm glad he and Shelley are staying; and expect they'll continue to give back to the community in ways many of us never hear about.

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