I remember that time. School was paranoid after firing Earke that they it not be a desirable job

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By losu1 on 05:36:03 12/06/18
[In reply to "The most maligned coach lasted the longest" by Eph97, posted at 22:45:16 12/05/18]

: John Cooper - 13 years. Doubt he would last this long in today's climate
: Jim Tressel - 10 years. Was rumored to retire soon before the scandal hit
: Earl Bruce - 9 years. AD finally got tired of another 9-3 season
: Urban Meyer - 7 years. Star shone the brightest, but shortest tenure
Kept giving him the benefit of the doubt. Still remember Gee calling the 13-13 tie the greatest win in school history. Lol

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