Biggest influence is trend of the current team. Recruiting up or down? Strong or disappointing finish? Leaders/impact

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By DaBuckBoys on 06:43:42 12/06/18
[In reply to "When a well known successful coach leaves a program, what in your opinion is the biggest factor for continued or (m)" by OSUgradinGA, posted at 06:10:18 12/06/18]

players returning. I think all of those are positive for Ohio State. Add in that the best support staff in the B1G will remain intact, even with the loss of Haskins, I think the team can survive an off-year of recruiting (off by OSU standards). Need Chase Young to play his best next year, maybe need Fuller back for his senior year/captain season.

There's a ton of offensive skill position talent returning, enough O line talent to develop, and some really high potential front 7 guys. The QB position will be critical and leadership in general...

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