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By AkronBuckJF on 08:12:31 12/06/18
[In reply to "I think PSU is a Corvette. Corvettes are cool, but Corvette guys are usually creepy and cult-like" by AkronBuckJF, posted at 07:53:25 12/06/18]

ND-Mercedes: Nothing flashy but Mercedes will always be nice
USC-Jaguar: A sexy program who going to have problems
Clemson-suped up Mustang: cheap and crazy performance
Texas:BMW—A classic brand , high performance in a fun city
Georgia-Audi: Always very nice, but always just an Audi.
Oklahoma: Chrysler Prowler— very fast car that turns your head, but I don’t really want it.
MSU:Pontiac—who doesn’t like Pontiacs? Sporty and cheap

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