I remember that being discussed but not aware it passed....

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By Moonmadness on 08:30:32 12/06/18
[In reply to "as it relates to WHY we might have done this now instead of later ***" by ezron, posted at 08:19:47 12/06/18]

What passed was a rule where a Coach could no longer prevent an athlete from transferring to certain schools. In our case for example, when Antwuan Jackson decided to leave Auburn he was not permitted to go to OSU among others. He had to first go to a CC before he could come to the Buckeyes. Now that doesn't happen. If Jackson wanted to come to OSU he could transfer directly here from Auburn and Auburn can't do anything about it.

I assume the same rule would apply to guys that have signed an LOI. They would be allowed to leave and go wherever they wanted but they would have to sit out a year. It would be the same as a redshirt I guess so not big deal...but not sure about the status of the rule. Again I remember it being talked about but not implemented.

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