Delany saying 'the playoff doesn't define us' is beyond disappointing. (M)

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By HINYG8 on 09:49:08 12/06/18

It his his job to promote the Big Ten. By saying its OK if the Big Ten doesn't win championships he is establishing total acceptance of the Big Ten as a second rate conference.

I guarantee you the SEC commissioner is still yelling about Georgia being left out at #5, while Delany is just laying down as OSU is slotted behind a two loss team that didn't win their conference.

Even if he doesn't' think OSU should have gotten in, as the senior official of Big Ten athletics he has to do his job and stand up for the conference as a whole. To say, meh...we aren't about competing for championships is beyond weak. Should we just give everyone a Big Ten participation award and pretend we're still the best conference?

I am really disappointed the athletic directors have not come together and issued a vote of no confidence. 9 games is dumb. The scheduling has been dumb. The officiating has been criminally bad. But Jim doesn't care because apparently college athletics isn't about winning. It's just nice to play the games.

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