Well it was obvious in the beginning of the year that they were not highlighting Dwayne. When

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By BuckeyeGirl on 09:51:10 12/06/18
[In reply to "ESPN is showcasing Tua vs Kyler’s “historic” seasons. I guess breaking every B10 record isn’t historic enough *" by OSUgradinGA, posted at 09:28:17 12/06/18]

ESPN released the first 2 images of top three Heisman Candidates, they were: 1) Tua, 2)Kyler, 3)Will Grier. People commented and asked why they didn't have Dwayne listed. Finally, week 3 they listed Dwayne with Tua and Kyler.

Then middle of the season they teeter between Will Grier and Gardner Minshew.

So, Dwayne didn't get coverage right away.

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