I just don't want him to kick Ohio State's butt, which he will, if ever the two teams crossed. LOL. BUT,

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By BuckeyeGirl on 10:02:35 12/06/18
[In reply to "If Urb takes a job somewhere else in a year or so.....I aint gonna be mad. Im thankful. (m)" by Bucket from Joe's, posted at 09:57:52 12/06/18]

I don't think he takes another job honestly, unless it's at Ohio State again (Which might be 3-4 years). He has said that Ohio State wasn't "just another job" to him. I believe, at another school, it would be.

: I believe him when he says he loves Ohio St and it was a dream destination. The guy also kicked an incredible amount of ass while he was here.

: I never understood the Florida hate. I really do think its rooted in them thinking they are the center of the universe and it was infathomable to believe someone would want to go elsewhere.

: I love Ohio State and all that it stands for. But I can understand someone wanting out, especially to head to the pros or even because he felt he got screwed by the administration.

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