I believe his health is why he's stepping down, and don't expect him to coach again. Also, he's an Ohio guy, so why

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By Writer on 10:11:26 12/06/18
[In reply to "If Urb takes a job somewhere else in a year or so.....I aint gonna be mad. Im thankful. (m)" by Bucket from Joe's, posted at 09:57:52 12/06/18]

the idiots from Florida would question him wanting to coach OSU just proves -- they're idiots! I don't think some fan groups understand how deeply football and OSU is ingrained in our culture, statewide. We're not much different from Texas in that regard, but rarely get mentioned as they do. Even though Ohio has turned out far more and better coaches through the years.

: I believe him when he says he loves Ohio St and it was a dream destination. The guy also kicked an incredible amount of ass while he was here.

: I never understood the Florida hate. I really do think its rooted in them thinking they are the center of the universe and it was infathomable to believe someone would want to go elsewhere.

: I love Ohio State and all that it stands for. But I can understand someone wanting out, especially to head to the pros or even because he felt he got screwed by the administration.

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