Didn't realize Tate Martell was at the MSU MBB game also. Not a very diplomatic thing to do. Hurt feelings easily (m)

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By Grad66 on 14:54:36 01/10/19
[In reply to "I will say, its just seemed really weird to me that Fields was sitting with Urban at the Ball game..." by BuckeyeBrad, posted at 14:36:42 01/10/19]

can sway a person. We all have egos and it would have been a very good gesture to have any of the qb candidates for next year sit with Urban and Dwayne, including Tate and Baldwin if he too was on campus and therefore could make the basketball game.

Urban supposedly a very good motivator of people, and because Tate knows this, would figure that by not being invited to sit with Fields, besides Urban and Dwayne, he is not in their plan to start qb no matter what he did to impress Coach Day.

Bad move guys regardless of whether you believe Justin Fields is so much more talented than Martell. You don't need to turn off a player whose self-perception is that he has earned to be considered the #1 choice for qb, and should remain so, until he loses that rank against either Fields or Baldwin.

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