Urban either fired an intended direct shot, or had a big unforced error (m)

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By Barrett777 on 18:41:56 01/10/19

Urban is free to do what he wants, and also has earned several foul balls for all he has done.

That said, in hindsight Fields sitting next to Urban front row in a nationally televised basketball game sent a huge message. Was it intentional, or simply not well thought out and a spur of the moment situation? It was a loud message either way.

The assumed image it left was Fields is the anointed starter and favored QB in the house.

The collateral damage is how Tate and Matt Baldwin took that message. Not surprising that it affected Tate first and in short time. Hopefully Baldwin sees the bigger picture, and hangs in there to compete up to and through the football season.

Even though Urban is no longer the coach, the appearance was he still is a huge dog on campus and he felt it significant enough to come to the game and sit next to Fields for all to see. Takeaway is Urban felt it important enough that he and RD did not care if it spooked either returning QB.

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